IlTempoVola Wall Clock – Red

IlTempoVola Wall Clock - Red

IlTempoVola Wall Clock - Red
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The IlTempoVola Wall Clockproves to be a dynamic and fun way to tell the time, which is fitting, seeing as it means ‘time flies’ in Italian. Filled with the vibrancy of youth, this modern red designer spider clock acts as not only a timepiece, but as a piece of contemporary art too! Disregarding the rule book in terms of traditional clocks, Italian designer Alberto Sala’s wall clock is truly original, and with its lively appearance and abundance of personality, the Iltempolova is a certainty for sparking conversations from admiring guests. A rectangular, red base is the closest thing it has to a ‘standard’ clock, with black hands doing their best to point to the wild, outlandish numbers that spring out from the centre. With a cartoonish style, the Progetti IlTempoVola’s design looks like the moment where a clock in an old Disney film breaks, and springs from the inside. This abstract, contemporary vision is continued with the numbering, as the off-centre white digits sit on rectangular red pieces in a visually attractive way. Made with foamed rubber, steel and PVC, the ProgettiIlTempoVola'sartistic integrity is only heightened by its high quality craftsmanship. A great attraction in any interior, the ProgettiIlTempoVolais a rebellion against standard, boring clocks! It sits perfectly on walls looking to be brought to life, and continues to impress time after time. *These clocks are made to order in Italy and will take an estimated time of 2 – 3 weeks for delivery. IlTempoVola Wall ClockSpecifications Material: Foamed rubber, steel, PVC Dimensions: 100 x 100cm Design:Sala Alberto Product code: PROG01638

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