New Apple YouTube video sells HomePod using Spike Jonze & FKA twigs

New Apple YouTube video sells HomePod using Spike Jonze & FKA twigs

Taking advantage of its corporate coffers, Apple’s latest attempt at selling the HomePod — its first smartspeaker — is a four-minute musical short directed by Spike Jonze and starring avant-garde R&B artist FKA twigs.

In the video, “Welcome Home,” FKA twigs arrives at her apartment exhausted, presumably from work or a business trip. She then asks her HomePod to “play me something I’d like,” which triggers the song “Til It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak. The rest of the video features FKA twigs stretching out her apartment with the simple act of dancing, until she collapses on her couch satisfied.

Jonze is well-known for his career in music videos, as well as directing movies like “Her,” “Being John Malkovich,” and “Where the Wild Things Are.” In addition to her musical work, FKA twigs — real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett — started out her performing career as a backup dancer.

She has also been associated with Apple in the past, for instance being one of the original artists used to sell Apple Music during its 2015 debut.

Apple has first and foremost marketed the HomePod for its sound quality and musical functions, largely ignoring most Siri commands or its ability to serve as a HomeKit hub. In fact most reviews — including AppleInsider‘s — have taken the speaker to task for Siri’s weaknesses as an assistant, especially compared to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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