Nextime Flipped Clock – Black

Nextime Flipped Clock - Black

Nextime Flipped Clock - Black
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Add a nostalgic edge to your home with this retro flip wall and desk clock from Nextime!
The Nextime Flipped Clock – Black is a cheerful design, which comprises a smart black case with a sleek face containing the hour and minute displays. Each bold white number is displayed on a split flap, which quite literally flips over to reveal the next minute or hour.
This funky rectangular clock is bursting with retro charm, and is reminiscent of the flip clocks originally used in train stations in the 1950s. This modern update on a retro classic would make a striking addition to any home office, and would also make a great retro gift! Also comes with an orange case – see on the right hand side!
Nextime Flipped Clock – Black specifications

Materials: plastic
Dimensions: 17.5cm x 9cm x 7cm
Battery operated: AA (not included)
Product code: 5186ZW

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