Nextime Stazione Clock – White

Nextime Stazione Clock - White

Nextime Stazione Clock - White
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Tell the time in style with the Nextime Stazione Clock – White!
The design of station clocks has been very diverse over many decades and one of the grandfathers of station clock design is Swiss engineer Hans Hilfinker. In the 1950’s, he added a red second hand to his design in the shape of the signalling disc of a railway guard and this distinguishing feature is exactly what the Nextime Stazione Clock has on its face! It very impressively stands out from the lovely white glass background and has a highly significant impact on all who look at it.
The 35cm square glass wall clock is an impressive ticker that will fill the space it is in and attract much attention. Being black and white, there are virtually no colours or décor that it will not match! Additionally, since the design of this clock has survived over half a century and still looks cool, you can rest assured it will always have a place in your home or office space, as long as you always give it the time of day.
This modern glass clock also comes in black and grey finishes – see on the right hand side of the page!
Nextime Stazione Clock – White specifications

Material: glass, metal
Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm x 3.3cm
Silent movement
Product code: 8636WI

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