Pico 15 Stackable Wine Rack – Copper

Pico 15 Stackable Wine Rack - Copper

Pico 15 Stackable Wine Rack - Copper
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There’s strength in numbers, and that’s just what makes the Pico 15 Stackable Wine Rack – Copper such an excellent choice for your kitchen or living room décor!
No longer will you waste precious time and money looking for wine racks that match your existing set and don’t clash with your colour scheme. The Pico 15 is there to store all your potations and libations, be they fizzy refreshments, wine or spirits!
Featuring a handmade cast-iron cluster of 15 hexagonal prisms welded together to resemble a honeycomb, this wine rack was inspired by one of nature’s sturdiest and most efficient storage structures: the beehive! So you know your bottles are in safe hands when you slide them through a Pico pigeonhole. Round, square and oddly-shaped bottles will all fit in nicely.
If one Pico 15 rack won’t do, then buy more of these and stack them on top of each other to create a buzzing beehive of booze! Not only will they take up the least amount of space possible, but they’ll also enable you to test your 3D spatial vision with unique layouts combining brass, copper and black racks with 3, 6 or 15 compartments. These other sizes and colours can be seen on the right hand side of the page!
Pico 15 Stackable Wine Rack – Copper specifications

Material: cast iron, copper lacquer finish
Dimensions: H 42cm x W 48cm x D 18cm
Holds up to 15 bottles
Design: XLBoom
Product code: XLBA121015-44

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