Radiant Glasses – Set of 2

Radiant Glasses - Set of 2

Radiant Glasses - Set of 2
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The stunning Radiant Glasses are a statement piece that would make your table arrangement all the more alluring! Traditional crystal glasses cut no ice on today's merrymakers. Treat your guests to refreshments served from geometric glass tumblers with character and clever design.
The creative minds at PUIK Art don't cut any corners when it comes to design. That's why these tumblers resemble table-cut diamonds. The hexagonal bottom projects outwards to catch the light, and then tapers towards the circular lip to improve the grip. It's a simple yet delightful design, and a cut above your run-of-the-mill, cut-and-paste glasses. Whatever the occasion, these Radiant mouth-blown crystal glasses measuring 9cm in height and width will make a splendid and tasteful addition to your table arrangement.
Thanks to their clever shape, the Radiant Glasses – Set of 2 are less likely to spill as they lean on their side instead of toppling over. So, not only will they lift your spirits, but they'll also make the merrymaking last. Pair them with the matching Rare Carafe (as seen on the right) to round off your daily dining room décor, or save the set for a romantic occasion worthy of your finest libation!
Radiant Glasses – Set of 2 specifications

Material: mouth-blown crystal glass
Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm x 9cm
Product code: RA-10036

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